Pakistan (Photo: Will Heierman)  (Lost)
Russia (Photo: Jeff Scovil)
Viet Nam (Photo: Will Heierman)

Montana (Photo: Will Heierman)  (Not for sale)


IMPORTANT  NOTICE  (June 2, 2015)

Our corundum collection, much of which is pictured here is being offered for sale, with the exception of the finest American suite which will continue to be refined for at least a while.

If you are interested in any specimens, contact Will Heierman at

The website is a little behind, and I will be updating it after our annual trip to Montana in the fall. 

    We anticipate being dealers as "Earth Treasures" in Tucson in January and February, 2016, at the Howard Johnson's Show, Rooms 108 and 110.  I will post any changes or other important news here.  


California (Photo: Richard Berg)  (Sold)



Uganda  (Photo:  Will Heierman)

Russia   (Photo:  Will Heierman)

North Carolina   (Photo:  Will Heierman) (Not for sale)